Go Back in Time and Test Your Memory with this 80s Sitcom Quiz!

Go Back in Time and Test Your Memory with this 80s Sitcom Quiz!


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It’s hard not to be biased toward things that hold a special place in your heart. A great example of this is the decade you grew up in. You will typically think that everything that came from that time is the absolute best. Whether it’s the toys, movies, or music, we tend to like what we find familiar and comforting. It’s hard to find a more relevant timeframe for this than the 1980s. For kids that grew up in this decade there were a lot of things to enjoy, with the sitcoms of the times being near the top of the list. The shows of the 80s were as weird as they were diverse. There was virtually something for everyone - all you had to do was change the channel. If you’re a big fan of the 80s or consider yourself knowledgeable about a variety of topics, find out how much you really know with this fun and interesting quiz all about the sitcoms of the 1980s!

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Matt Howell

Matt Howell

Matt is a print and broadcast-journalism graduate and natural storyteller with over nine years of writing experience. Matt is a writer for Creative Campbellville and his work has been featured in various magazines, newspapers and online communications across North America.

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