Are You Fluent in Trucker Slang?

Are You Fluent in Trucker Slang?

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Often times, language can stand in the way of communication. From accents to colloquialisms; interacting with others has its challenges. If you don’t believe me, then why not spend an evening listening to a CB radio. From Yogi Bear to Lot Lizards, you will be entertained and equally confused. Truckers slang is much like cockney rhyming slang, and it is filled with puns.

So, if you know truckers slang and think you are an expert, or are new to the wonderful world of this type of 10-4, join us as we cruise down the road and into the unknown world of truckers slang.

Take the quiz and see if you are an ankle biter on a crotch rocket, or a fellow neighbor ready to roll their rig down the mud.

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