How much do you know about classic ‘60s rock music?

How much do you know about classic ‘60s rock music?

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The 1960s was a time of revolutionary change. It saw political turmoil, social upheaval, civil rights marches, anti-war protests, the rise of feminism, and a rebellion against a host of social taboos and restrictions. They called it the Swinging Sixties because it was an era of cultural revolution. An era which saw an outburst of creativity and experimentation in social norms of interaction, education, sexuality, clothing, and the arts. But in North America and Europe the 60s were especially revolutionary in terms of popular music. In America, the blues-derived rock and roll genre evolved into a fully-fledged music form. The 1960s was the golden age of R&B, Tamla Motown and soul music. And British boys discovered American blues, rock and roll, and soul, and then made millions by mixing it all together and transforming it into an exciting new rock music.

Even if you weren’t born in those times, chances are you still love the music from the 60s. But how much do you really know about the music from that tumultuous yet glorious decade? Find out with this quiz about the classic rock bands of the 60s.

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Dennis Lewis

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