How Well Do You Remember 1997?

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Time can be a strange thing, and it only gets more distorted as we get older. We start to forget when events in our lives took place, or we think things happened more recently than they did. For example, if you were to find out that 1997 was 25 years ago, how would you feel about that? For many of us, it probably feels like just yesterday. The 90s was a unique decade. It brought us some of the best music, movies, and television that are still enjoyed today while also giving us a few things (fashion and hair) that are probably best to stay in that time. If you remember the late 90s fondly, then throw on some wide-leg pants and test your knowledge with this How Well Do You Remember 1997 quiz.

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Matt Howell

Matt Howell

Matt is a print and broadcast-journalism graduate and natural storyteller with over nine years of writing experience. Matt is a writer for Creative Campbellville and his work has been featured in various magazines, newspapers and online communications across North America.

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