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Are you being watched? How do you know for sure? Are you watching someone else? Who? Stalking has a creepy and certainly chilly effect at any time – including when it is shown on our screens. Stalking in You, a thriller of a television series, is turned up way beyond 11, much less 10. He goes by several names and chooses particular women to watch. The consequences the women face? Dire. How well were you watching You, though? Was it close enough? Want to put your knowledge about the show to the test once and for all? This quiz will certainly do that.

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Jessica spent a gap year as a digital nomad and offsite social media manager before returning to study at McGill University in her native Montreal. Currently, she is pursuing a BA in English and ingesting this cosmopolitan city quite differently than she did in her childhood. Diverse interests define Jessica. With two classmates, she once snowshoed through 200 kilometers of Quebec's backcountry for charity. Of course, Jessica writes. Thanks to modern access to self-publishing, Jessica's YA titles are gaining a fanbase on Amazon. Importantly, Jessica also codes. She has a super-secret app in development that could make her a household name in five years. When she's not writing, coding or studying, she's performing with her popular improv troupe, Jess 4 Laughs, which consists of four improvisers named Jessica.

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